Hard Money Loans With No Money Down

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Flexible Options. We have 1, 2 & 4-year mortgage options, for hard money deals. Usually, we provide 1-year loans, interest-only, but can make exceptions if your cash needs are longer.

It’s also a good idea to know how much money your partner has in the bank. If your partner has no savings, then they might have a hard time making loan payments if there’s an interruption in income..

Houston Hard Money Lender california hard money direct california hard money direct – facebook.com – No Credit, No TIN & No Social No Problem. 2nd TD of $500,000 In Newport Funded by California Hard Money Direct. The Borrower lives in China. She has no social, no TIN and no credit. She has a US bank account and a 1st Mortgage of 1.4 Million. The appraisal came in at 2.7 million.That’s the Breaks – Loans and money made from parties helped pay for distribution. Cuz if you don’t have Houston on your side right now, it’s gonna be hard to get somebody else because Houston is a major market.".

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Obtaining a zero money down or no money down hard money loan is not as difficult as it sounds. Many real estate investors think finding a zero money down hard money loans is like finding a unicorn. A fix and flip investor or rehabber or even a buy and hold real estate investor can purchase properties using hard money loans and put absolutely no.

Commercial Real Estate Hard Money Lenders As Florida Hard Money Lenders, we work directly with the borrowers, real estate professionals, mortgage brokers and builders to offer bridge loans and private money loans for non-conforming, residential & commercial real estate properties.

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How to Get a Commercial Hard Money Loan A hard money loan should not have money down if you have a good property. Most are asset based loans anyway. I suggest talking to your Hardmoney lender about how they are and why they are asking for a down payment – having "skin in the game" is good but a hard money lender with 20% down would be hard to work with.

Ca Hard Money Lenders California Hard Money Lenders. 37 Years of Experience. Fixed Rates from 8.00% (excluding consumer loans). Points from 1.5. No Junk Fees. Fast Approvals & Funding. asset-based direct lender Financing up to 75% Loan to Value. Over $800M Funded Since 1981. Read Our Client reviews! private hard Money Loans for Real Estate.