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Undocumented Immigrant PROVES She Pays Taxes In Viral Facebook Post SISA Loan (Stated Income Stated Asset) A SISA (stated income, stated assets) is a loan program were the borrower(s) state on the application what their income and assets are, but the lender does not ask for documentation for the amount stated. Stated Income, Stated Asset programs are not the same as No Documentation programs.

This type of loan allows you to state your gross monthly income and requires the lender to verify assets – usually done by you providing bank statements or brokerage statements or some type of document that verifies that you have the assets you claim to have on the loan application. What is a SISA loan? SISA stands for Stated Income Stated.

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SISA loans are one loan in a category of products called Alt-A. SISA loans are also known as no income-no asset (NINA) loans and liar loans. Loosened lending requirements allowed the SISA loan to. This loan program is an adjustable rate mortgage with added flexibility of making one of several possible payments on your mortgage every month, in.

Alternative Income Verification Loan 10% DOWN+STATED INCOME FLORIDA MORTGAGE LENDERS- – 3.Alternative Documentation (“Alt-Doc Cash FL Stated Income ow”) for Non-Owner Occupied or Second Home properties and Business Loan requests. The below information is a summary of the minimum FL Stated Income Florida stated loan documentation requirements for each Income.

Sisa was a loan of cattle to a poor family in exchange for their allegiance. A man’s herd size, wives, and. stated income loans: Available within Business Lending "If I wanted to go refinance my house or buy a new house to live in and get a stated income loan, I couldn’t do it," says Brian O’Shaughnessy, CEO of Athas Capital Group, based.

Want to see loan products for self employed persons: our private money site. posted on the website. We offer no doc equity loans to easy doc sisa land loans.

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But in November 2000, Barbara Ofwono Buyondo, one of the ten pioneer members, took a loan to start Victorious Educational Services. which was scattered across Kampala’s suburbs in Sisa, Suubi.